Has anyone experienced sciatica / butt / piriformis soreness the day after doing lunges?  I've been doing Jari's workouts for awhile now - took a break because of the soreness.  The break helped - the soreness was gone;  Started with the workout slowly, the lunges - again got very deep pain in the butt / piriformis area where the pain goes down to the calf.  I use cold compresses which helps.  Just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same.  Have been to Physio and also had massage treatments but upon resuming the lunges - the pain comes back.  Thanks!!!

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YES! I have had it and went to physio etc also. What has ultimately helped is rolling it out on a foam roller (while you're still warm) after every workout. Roll each side, your quads, butt and hamstrings. Maybe google it to get the proper idea on how to do it. It will be uncomfortable as it's working on the muscle fascia. It helps enormously though! Let me know if it works! Cheers

Ninu :)
My chiro suggested some deep tissue work with a tennis ball. It really helps. I have to do extra stretching after every workout just so I don't have the same problem. My pain usually gets worse when I do side lunges off the step. I try to limit them so I don't get achy.

If you can figure out which exercise irritates it, you can modify that during your workout and stay relatively pain free.

I agree with Ninu, about the foam roller. Whatever you can do to work out the deep tissue build up will be great in the long run.

Good luck,

Thanks Ninu & Terri. I'll have to get the foam roller. You know I focus on doing it correctly and all, and I can't figure out why it gets soooooo sore. I love doing the lunges, 'cause I feel such a good burn. It makes me wonder why it gets my sciatica so sore, and it doesn't for many others. thanks for your input!



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